Master of Access & VBA

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Duration: 40 Hours

This course is designed for beginning Access users to gain essential and practical skills of Database Application and Database Programming that can be used in day to day Business activities.
This course concentrates on basic Access concepts including tables, queries, forms, reports, basic VBA statements and programming skills, Jet SQL and ADO, and Microsoft Office Objects.
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create, modify and work with tables, queries, forms and reports within Microsoft Access 2003; and build simple VBA projects to associate their special needs in Database development.
Topic 1: Creating and Using a Database
·         Database concepts
·         Planning and designing databases
·         Normalizing tables
·         Creating tables and relationships between tables
·         Data entry rules, input masks, validation
·         Maintaining databases
Topic 2: Querying the Database
·         Planning, creating, and running simple queries
·         Complex queries: outer join, inner join, and self-join queries
·         Calculated fields in a query
·         Viewing summarized and grouped data
Topic 3: Forms
·         Creating and modifying forms
·         Unbound controls, graphics, calculated fields, combo box
·         Tab controls
·         Subforms
Topic 4: Reports
·         Creating, modifying and printing reports
·         Customizing headers and footers
·         Grouping data
·         Adding calculated values using functions
·         Embedded subreport
Topic 5: Charts, PivotTables, PivotCharts, and Internet integration
·         Charts in forms and reports
·         PivotTables
·         PivotChart
·         Hyperlink fields
·         Data access pages
Topic 6: Customized application
·         Switchboards
·         Splash Screens
·         Macro Groups
·         Custom Toolbars and menu bars
Topic 7: Basic VBA statements
·         If Blocks
·         Select Case Structures
·         Dialog Boxes
·         Looping Structures
·         List and Combo Boxes
Topic 8: Code Reuse, Debugging, and Error Handling
·         Code Reuse
·         User-Defined Procedures
·         Arrays
·         User-Defined Types
·         Debugging
·         Error Handling
Topic 9: Microsoft Jet SQL and ADO
·         Data Manipulation Language
·         Data Definition Language
·         ADO Overview
·         Connecting to a Database
·         Working with Recordsets
Week 10: Microsoft Office Objects
·         Importing/Exporting data to or from excel, word, and XML
·         Microsoft Office Objects
·         Command Bars
·         FileDialog Object
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