Web Based BI

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1. Course Introduction
This new generation BI course focus on the web based BI system, which provides the experiences needed to modeling and implementing BI Analysis and Reporting. A series of extensive hands-on exercises guides you through the process of modeling & developing a new generation of BI. The most important point is you will gain practical hands-on experience working with web based BI upon Oracle Data Warehouse.
Your will learn How to:
·         Provide report authors and query users with a business presentation of the information in the corporate data sources.
·         understand and modify the query model that underlies reports created in Report Studio
·         distribute customized report content by bursting to the Web and to email
·         create and debug report specifications written in Extensible Markup Language (XML)
2. Objective
Upon completion of the course, participants should learn:
·         BI Modeling with Framework Manager
·         Ad Hoc Query on demand
·         Web based BI reporting
·         OLAP via Analysis Studio
3. Course Content
  • Administer the Reporting Environment
    • examine the role of System Administrators, Directory Administrators and Report Administrators
    • manage the reporting environment
    • administer security
    • deploy entries from one environment to another
  • BI modeling with Framework Manager
    • Design and Create a Project
    • Prepare the Metadata
    • Prepare the Business View
    • Manage Packages
    • Set Security in Framework Manager
    • Manage Projects
    • Use Advanced Modeling Techniques
  • Web based Ad Hoc Query
    • use Cognos Connection to access ReportNet tools
    • create ad hoc reports in Query Studio
    • add data to existing ad hoc reports
    • customize ad hoc reports
    • view ad hoc reports in different formats and languages
    • distribute ad hoc reports
    • administer ad hoc reports in Cognos Connection
  • Web based BI Reporting
    • Customize the Query Model
    • Distribute Reports Through Bursting
    • Customize the Report Specification
    • Create Custom Toolbox Objects and Templates
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