JavaEE Real Project Development

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 Duration: 25 Hours

1.      JavaEE Technologies Overview
a.       JavaEE Overview
b.      Web-enabled application components
1.      HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Servlet, EJB
2.      Frameworks review: Struts, Tapestry, WebWork, iBates, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JDO, ORB and etc)
c.       JavaEE Application Designs
1.      Concurrency
2.      Transaction
3.      Security
4.      Integrity
5.      Performance
6.      etc
d.      Integration in JavaEE
1.      Multi-tier application design
2.      Integration inside the application
3.      Inter-application integration
2.      Struts Framework
a.       Introduction to Struts Architecture
b.      Struts Configuration Overview
c.       ActionForms
d.      Actions
e.       ActionForwards
f.       ActionMapping
g.      ActionServlet
h.      Building Presentation Components
i.        Tiles
j.        Validation Framework
k.      Localization & Internationalization
l.        Design Patterns
3.      ORM Theory
a.       ORM Mapping Theory
b.      Hibernate Configuration
c.       Inheritance in ORM
d.      Association and Collections
e.       Object/Entity Life-cycle
f.       Transaction and Concurrency
g.      Query Strategy (Eager-fetching, Lazy loading)
h.      Building Model Layer
4.      Lab One
5.      Spring Framework
a.       Introduction to Spring Framework
b.      Inverse of Control
c.       Aspect-Oriented Programming
d.      Integration with database operations
e.       Integration with Hibernate
f.       Enterprise Integration
g.      Building Service Layer
6.      Lab Two
7.      JavaServer Faces
a.       Introduction to JSF architecture
b.      Components and Pages
c.       Navigation
d.      I18N (Internationalization)
e.       Messaging and Exceptions
f.       Validation
g.      Conversion
h.      Integration with Spring Framework
i.        Integration with Hibernate (optional)
j.        Building views and controllers
8.      AJAX
a.       Introduction to AJAX fundamental technologies
b.      AJAX Frameworks (Prototype, DOJO, GWT, etc)
c.       AJAX/JSF Integration in RAD 7.5
9.      Lab Three
10. Java Messaging Services
a.       Introduction to JMS architecture
b.      Message Pattern
c.       Asynchronies Programming
d.      Building Asynchronies Service Layer
e.       IBM MQSeries introduction
f.       MQSeries implementation
11. XML processing (optinal)
a.       DTD and Schemas
b.      XML Validation
c.       SAX and DOM
d.      Java Reflection
e.       Marshalling and Un-marshalling
f.       Exception Control
12. Java Security and Cryptography (optional)
a.       Java Security Overview
b.      JA&AS Architecture
c.       Security Layer
d.      Third-party authentication
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