Internet Marketing

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Duration: 20 Hours

Do you know that billions of dollars of sales are made through the Internet and the number has been increasing each year? Do you know that many business owners now rely on the Internet to bring them most of their business? Do you know that home based business becomes more practical to many because of the Internet? Do you know that you can even apply the Internet marketing strategies in your job search? . . . .
The way how people live and do business is changing dramatically because of the Internet.  And we need to change too.  We need to take this unprecedented opportunity to thrive not just survive in this challenging world.
And if you want to . . .
  • Promote your products and services online
  • Grow your home based business or MLM business by leveraging the power of the Internet
  • Generate multiple sources of income online
  • Grasp new business or job opportunities that Internet brings about
  • Learn the hottest Internet marketing techniques to expand your skill sets and to better position yourself in this competitive market
  • Optimize your tax benefit on business expenses
Then you are at the right place.  We partner with Victoria International College of Business and Technology to provide you with Ebay Sales and Internet Marketing Business Training.  Our students are from different walks of life -- career students, real estate agents, insurance agents, MLM marketers, business owners, self-employed, etc.
You will be introduced to the cutting-edge Internet sales and marketing techniques as well as practical ways to make money online, grow your home based business and promote your business online.
Here is what you will learn . . .
  • How to make a decent living off Ebay sales and constantly hear "KaChing" sounds
  • How to create your own website from A-Z, update it and manage it yourself
  • How to use keyword analysis tool to find out your target keywords and analyze your website
  • How to apply SEO tips (Search Engine Optimization) to optimize your website
  • How to make your website content rich
  • How to use social media to promote your website
  • How to apply article marketing and other strategies to build backlinks for your website
  • How to create multiple sources of income on-line
  • How to buy and flip domain names
  • How to live a life of abundance with the help of our success triangle model
  • How to become a leader and be successful in everything you do

    . . . . and much more
And you can also expect
  • To network with like-minded people
  • To brainstorm new ideas of generating multiple sources of income online
  • To be inspired and recharged to unlock your full potential
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