Introduction to .NET Foundation Certificate

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Duration: 24 Hours

MS001 C# and Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation

This course covers the core and advanced foundation of the Microsoft® .NET Framework, C# and Object Oriented Programming. The course illustrates the essential and core facts of .Net Framework which are utilized to build any type of .Net applications.
Latest technologies included:
·         C# 3.0 (Lambda Expression, Anonymous Type, Extension Method, LINQ, Expression Tree)
·         C# 4.0 (Parallel Computing, Dynamic)
This course helps you prepare for Exam 70-536 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework—Application Development Foundation. It’s a required exam for other MCTS exams.
Topics covered
·         Object Oriented Principal
·         Framework Fundamentals
·         Collections and Generics
·         Configuration and Installation
·         Instrumentation
·         File IO
·         Globalization
·         Delegates and Events
·         Code Access Security
·         Role Based Security
·         Serialization
·         Cryptography
·         Interoperability
·         Windows Service
·         Mail
·         MSIL & Type Metadata
·         Multithreading
·         AppDomains
·         Reflection
·         Monitoring and Debugging
MS001: C# and Microsoft .NET Framework Foundation
MS002: MCTS Certification & Practices
MS003: Email Marketing Project
Job Market
.Net Framework is one of the most popular programming platforms in North America. It has been broadly used in various sectors such as government, banking, retail, utility and professional services etc. Many fortune 500 companies have adopted it to build mission critical applications.
Course Benefits
.Net Best Practices courses help you to gain the latest technical on.Net Framework and build real-world job skills. The topics are thoroughly selected by experienced .Net professionals based on real-world project scenarios. The course format is to maximize the training result for students at different levels. Each course includes instructor-led classes, code demo and hands-on labs.
The topics covered are also targeted to help you get Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), which provides a simpler and more targeted framework to showcase your technical skills in addition to the skills that are required for specific developer job roles with industry recognition of their Microsoft .NET development skills and experience.
Who Should Attend
·         People who want to become professional developers.
·         College or University students who want to gain real-world skills in .Net Framework area.
·         Developers with previous versions of .Net Framework experience who want to upgrade to latest technologies.
·         QA who need to test .Net Applications.
·         Developers/architects/ IT Pros in other technology areas who want to extend skills in Microsoft solution area.
Core objectives: Best Practices and Project Experience
·         Key technologies in real-world projects and topics covered in certification exams
·         Assignments based on real world scenario to convert newly learnt knowledge to experience.
·         Hands-on labs with step by step instructions and in-depth explanation to enhance student’s skills.
·         Best practices, real world situation and project process introduced in classes.  
·         Implement project in enterprise environment.
Instructor Introduction
Victor is an experienced technical architect and consultant with a proven track record of designing, building and deploying successful high profile distributed hardware and software solutions on various Microsoft technologies in various industry sectors. He has more than 15 years IT experience and started .Net development when it’s in Beta back to 2001. His technology expertise area includes .Net Application Architecture & Design, BizTalk, MOSS, Data Modeling, Windows OS infrastructure, Visualization.
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