Supply Chain Management Real Project

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This Supply Chain Management course is designed to train people and help them to enter tactic level supply chain management positions.

Course consists of two parts: SCM principles and practical functional processes lecture, and hands-on learning analytical skills in using advanced Excel functions and intermediate Access functions.

This course introduces supply chain management evolvement in North America, gives participants the appreciation of the SCM principles, planning and the interrelation of those processes and functions within and across the enterprise boundaries. It provides insight into North American logistics, distribution, inventory, demand planning, and procurement management real world business practices, and comprehension of SCM concepts & terminology.

This course also helps people to learn and use the most important and relevant advanced Excel skills and intermediate Access skills to work effectively and efficiently in a business environment.

In the hands-on Excel classes, participants will be given business tasks and projects as they would in a real business job. They will combine various advanced features and functions in Excel and Access to plan business activities and solve complex business problems.

Participants will be guided step by step, from using simple functions to complex formula and eventually build complex model hands-on.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course the participant will be able to:
1. Demonstrate the understanding of supply chain management profession evolvement, the SCM labour market, and the importance of networking, the technical skills and soft skills required for SCM professionals and the different career paths for SCM positions
2. Articulate the concept of supply chain management from strategic, tactical, operational perspective,  understand the inter-relationships between the primary business functions and processes within supply chain management
3. Analyze the supply chain performance and understand various key performance indicators
4. Understand the logistics practices, freight cost, the structure of a fulfillment network, distribution strategies, the processes and activities in a distribution center
5. Understand inventory roles within fulfillment, the critical drivers of inventory cost, and the factors impacting EOQ and safety stock;
6. Understand qualitative and quantitative forecast method, intrinsic and extrinsic forecast techniques, conduct forecasting with regression model and seasonal profile model in Excel
7. Develop effective procurement/supply management strategies that align with the corporate supply chain management
8. Plan business activities effectively and efficiently
9. Increase work productivity dramatically by using appropriate keyboard shortcuts and formula combination
10. Generate business performance reports in professional presentation and very efficient manner
11. Conduct complex business analyses to facilitate gaining deep insight of business issues
12. Conduct business forecast to facilitate business planning
13. Model business mechanism to provide decision support tool for management
14. Generate optimized solutions that meet the tactic objectives of business strategies



Supply Chain Process Lecture
Super Excel Hands-On
Supply chain management evolvement; Supply chain management principles
Keyboard shortcuts, countif, sumif, concatenate, vlookup, date, text, range; Use intermediate functions to address basic business problems
Supply chain planning & performance measurements; Logistics
If, hlookup, vlookup+concatenate, if(iserror(vlookup)), if, if(and/or); Combine functions to address intermediate business problems
Distribution; Inventory (1)
Linked formulas to build model; Formatting for presentation; Automate reporting
Inventory (2); Demand planning/forecasting
Access queries; Pivot table; conditional formatting; Handle large volume data & complex analysis
Procurement/supply management; Supply chain Network and Flexibility
Regression analysis, seasonal profile + moving average; index; Build forecasting model
Build planning model; hyperlink, macro, button, array formula; Generate optimized solution


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